List of completed R&D projects.

  1. Characterization of the Hot Air Solder Leveled (HASL) SNCU-NI-GE Printed Circuit Board Finish in Terms of Composition & Process Parameters
  2. Design and Development of Smart Network System based on Software Defined Networks (SDN)
  3. Study on Energy Saving Management and Control System
  4. Study on Source Identification and Modelling of Total Organic Carbon (TOC)
  5. Study on Traffic Impact Assessment for Malaysian Driving Cycle
  6. Study on Properties and Classification Analysis of Limestone & Digital Mapping for Geospatial Data
  7. Development of Automated Spray Painting System (ASPS)
  8. The Development Of 3D Laser Scanner And UAV Imaging Data Processing And Conservation Of Heritage Building In Malaysia
  9. Design of Certificates Validation and Training Booking and Management System
  10. Development of high volume FA and GGBS Concrete

List of current on going R&D projects.

  1. Kajian Pusat Pengurusan Sisa Lestari di Kampus UniMAP
  2. Scientific Validation and Quality Assessment of The Sugar-Ethanol Industrial Wastewater and Sludge for Commercial Usage
  3. Superconducting Solder Joints for high frequency electronic applications and future quantum computer
  4. Synchrotron Technique Development using In-situ Imaging, Tomography and Micro-Xrf for Solder Joint Applications
  5. Study on the Effects of Cognitive Performance Well-Being, Physiological Parameters and Electroencephalography (EEG) of the Malaysian Adults to Short-Term Exposure from 5G Radio Frequency Electromagnetic Field (RF-EMF)
  6. Study and Development of University Smart Management System for Al-Bukhari International University
  7. Characterization of Organic Pollutants in Supplied Water to Kulim Hi-Tech Park
  8. Study and Development of Smart Attendance System for Grass2Route Sdn. Bhd.
  9. Study and Development of Tuleva Cube’s Signal and Antenna Propagation
  10. Study and Development of Smart Hand Sanitizer for KPJ Penang Specialist Hospital Center
  11. Study on Recovery of Nickel From Industrial Watts Bath of Yokowo Electronics Sdn. Bhd.
  12. Study and Development of Smart Attendance and Monitoring System for KPJ Penang Specialist Hospital Center
  13. Study and Development of Asset Management and Tracking System for KPJ Penang Specialist Hospital Center

List of conducted conferences and training courses.

  1. International Conference on Information and Education Technology (ICIET2018)
  2. International Conference on Medical Electronic and Biosystem Engineering (MEBSE2018)
  3. Colloquium on Nanotechnology in Detection and Control of Ganoderma Boninense (CONGRAB2019)
  4. International Conference on Mechatronic, Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering (JICOMMBE2019)
  5. International Conference on Civil and Environmental Engineering (CENVIRON2019)
  6. International Symposium on Engineering and Technology (ICoNGETECH2020)
  7. International Conference on Biomass Utilization and Sustainable Energy (ICoBiomasSE2020)
  8. Kursus IC Design Using Verilog DHL
  9. Program Pembangunan Komuniti Hutan
  10. Catia v5 Fundamentals Training Course
  11. Electrical Installation Design based on Malaysia Practices
  12. Training on Instrumentation and Process Control for Oil & Gas Industry

List of product & commercialization projects

  1. Sorting and Grading Machine for Harumanis
  2. Mobile Sanitizing Tunnel